1. tasks decomposition

Die clous.engine is a set of intelligent algorithms, which allow complex CAD designs to be automatically broken down into smaller and easier tasks. This is done on your local computer so that the complete CAD models do not leave your company.

2. upload & partitioning

With the clous.plattform these and other tasks can be distributed to engineering service providers all over the world. The platform handles all complex contractual aspects from payment to NDA, so you can act quickly and easily.

3. realization in the community

Die is from Clous curated and accommodates service providers from freelancers to engineering offices, so that you will always find exactly the right partner for your requirements.

4. payment & finalisation

After the the tasks machined has the finished orders are placed on the clous.platform backed, so that the customer can pick them up and put them together again on his local computer to a complete solution. At the same time, the designers are coated with the clous.platform.

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